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The Doranda Old Xaverian's Association (DOX) formerly Xavier's Old Boys Association Jharkhand, is the official alumni association of St. Xavier's School, Ranchi. The Association presently has over 7, 000 members, spanning across all batches that have passed out of the school since 1964.

Nearly two hundred students from St. Xavier's School, Ranchi, have been joining DOX's ranks each year. The members of DOX form the cream of society in Country. Today, the family of Doranda Old Xaverian's (DOX) is one of the largest alumni groups in India.

Membership makes it easier to keep in touch with your school and school-time friends. It also entitles you to participate in all the activities of DOX including the Annual Dinner, Annual Ball, Annual General Body Meeting, Seminars, Conferences in India and abroad, etc.

DOX plans to launch services and programmes in the field of social service and also enhance networking, job opportunities, placements, etc. Plans are also underway to establish DOX local chapters in different parts of the country and abroad.

In its endeavor to do better, DOX is constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration. We, therefore, call on you to participate in our endeavors. Becoming a member of the Association is easy, provided one has been a student of St. Xavier's School, Ranchi and, more importantly, has the vision and will, not only to excel in one's personal life and profession but also to make a positive contribution to it.

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